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The Basic CASTOLITE Formulas

Each of the formulas listed here serves one or more specific functions.  Some liquid resins can be intermixed to meet the requirements of specific applications.  Others are compounded with various fillers and fibers to produce such items as synthetic or cultured marble, granite, plastic/metal alloys, flexible sheet stock, synthetic wood, auto-body filler, molding compounds, etc.  Each formula is described to help you select the right casting, coating and molding materials for your project. 

Fillers and Additives

Fillers and additives greatly extend the usefulness of the basic CASTOLITE liquid resins to create Castowood, Castoceramite, Castoluminum, and others.

Colors and Dyes

Available in Opaque Color Pastes and Transparent Dyes.

Fiberglass Fabrics and Films

Fiberglass Fabrics, Tape, and Mat are impregnated with various Castolite and Castoglas resin formulas to produce translucent, transparent and opaque sheet stock and other structural forms like boat hulls, tanks, trays, pipes, ducts, hoods and canopies.

Molds, Mold Releases, General Supplies and Accessories

All the supplies and accessories you will need for your project.

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Last modified: 08/12/06

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